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Employment tribunals - compensatory award for unfair dismissal - how much money have you lost because you have been dismissed

This advice applies to Wales

If you're claiming you've been unfairly dismissed, you will be claiming compensation for losing your job. This compensation is made up of a basic award and a compensatory award. The basic award is a fixed sum and the compensatory award is to compensate you for the actual amount of money you've lost because you've lost your job.

How much is your weekly or monthly loss of money?

You need to calculate how much money you've actually lost because you've been dismissed. This is made up of:

  • the amount of your weekly or monthly income before you were dismissed
  • the value of other benefits you've lost because you've been dismissed.

Your weekly or monthly income

You should set out the amount of your net weekly or monthly pay. This means your pay after tax and national insurance were taken off. You should include any regular overtime payments and any bonuses. If your claim goes to a tribunal, you will need to show evidence of your pay, overtime and bonuses, You can do this, for example, by showing pay slips or letters from your employer.

Other benefits you've lost because you've been dismissed

Your compensatory award can contain an amount for the loss of other benefits you got because you were working. These can include:

Your employer's contribution to your pension

This figure should be on your payslip. It can be complex to work out the loss of pension benefits and you may need specialist help. .

Free or subsidised accommodation

If you were provided with free or subsidised accommodation, you'll need to set out how much it will cost you to live somewhere else. To work out how much to ask for, use the market rental value of accommodation that is reasonable for your needs

The loss of a company car

There's a calculator on the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website to value what the loss of a company car is worth

Company medical insurance

You'll need to set out how much it would cost you to buy the same medical insurance cover yourself. You can do this by getting quotations from private medical insurers.

Next steps

Other useful information

More about working out the loss of pension benefits

More about working out what the loss of a company car is worth at

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