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Problems with an individual voluntary arrangement

This section deals with problems you may encounter when you have an IVA. It covers what to do if you are struggling to pay and how to make a complaint.

Struggling to pay - IVAs

Action you can take if a change in circumstances makes it difficult to repay your individual voluntary arrangements. Covers short- and long term problems and payment breaks.

Missed a payment - IVAs

Tells you what to do if you miss one or more payments on your individual voluntary arrangement.

Creditors still contacting you - IVAs

Tells you what to do if creditors are still contacting you about debts covered by your individual voluntary arrangement.

Cancelling your IVA

Explains the consequences of early cancellation, which means that the individual voluntary arrangement is considered 'failed'.

Complaining about an insolvency practitioner

Sets out the steps in making a complaint about the insolvency practitioner dealing with your individual voluntary arrangement.

Complaining to a debt management company

Tells you how to make a complaint about a debt management company, if you are not happy with their service.