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Administration orders explained

These pages tell you the basics about an administration order and what the eligibility criteria are for getting one. It covers what debts can be included and how much spare income you need to get one.

What is an administration order

Explains what an administration order is, how to apply, how repayments work, whether part of your debt can be written off and what happens afterwards.

Rent and mortgage arrears - administration orders

Lists the types of debts which can be included in an administration order, those that can't (and what to do about them), the limit on the amount of debt and whether to include joint debts.

Cost of an administration order

Tells you how much an administration order will cost, how and when to pay and explains attachment of earnings orders.

Writing off some of your debt if you apply for an administration order

Tells you how to ask for a composition order, as part of an administration order, to get part of your debt written off.