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Consumer policy research

Our consumer policy research covers a wide range of regulated and unregulated markets - allowing us to identify the problems consumers face in particular markets as well as drawing comparisons and lessons about the policies and practices commonly found in a number of markets.

Understanding consumer experiences of complaint handling

21 July 2016

The research examines consumer experiences of complaint handling and redress across consumer and public services markets. It finds a large proportion of people are dissatisfied with the final outcome of their complaint in particular in public services markets.

Locked In

08 March 2016

Primary research project looking at problems faced by consumers who unwittingly get locked into expensive subscription payments advertised just as a free trial

Last in line

04 January 2016

In Last in Line we use our unique evidence, gathered from across the Citizens Advice Service, to explore the consumer experience of prepayments and retailer insolvency.

Peer problems

25 June 2015

An assessment of the consumer experience of online marketplaces

Personal data empowerment

29 April 2015

Personal data issues have risen in complexity and scale over the last 5-10 years. Aggregation, sharing and analysis are becoming readily available to organisations and individuals via new tools and services. There are opportunities for consumers to apply insight from personal data to become more empowered, as well as exercise their rights to privacy and control.

Consumer challenges 2015

17 February 2015

Citizens Advice report examining consumers’ experience of markets now that the country is out of recession.

price comparison website

23 January 2015

Citizens Advice report examining consumer awareness of existing accreditation schemes designed to improve the Price comparison websites market.

Alarm bells briefing: slimming pill 'free trial' scams

05 January 2015

Our helpline saw a staggering 710 per cent increase between 2012 to 2014 in complaints about traders of slimming and health supplements taking money from people’s accounts without their informed authorisation

The cost of redress

05 March 2014

The cost of redress: the lessons to be learned from the PPI mis-selling scandal. Learning and solutions from Citizens Advice.