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Addressing financial abuse

26 April 2016

A framework to help banks, other creditors and advice providers challenge financial abuse in intimate partner relationships

addressing financial abusePeople who are prevented from managing their own finances by an abuser can suffer serious and long-term consequences. As well as complicated financial problems, they are often at risk of other forms of violent, sexual and psychological abuse. Financial abuse is not very often disclosed  and not well understood.  It can also be difficult for victims to get the help that they need. Organisations that provide financial services, collect payments and offer advice need to acknowledge these situations and provide appropriate help.

The Addressing Financial Abuse [ 170 kb] report, published by Citizens Advice on behalf of the Addressing Financial Difficulty Group, is a good example of firms and charities working together to improve how they respond to some of the problems faced by people in vulnerable situations. This document offers welcome information and practical  proposals for firms to consider.  The present framework can help steer banks, other creditors and advice providers  to become more proactive in helping  support victims of financial abuse,  encouraging disclosure and collectively challenging abuse.