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Access to cash - don't bank on it

10 July 2012
Access to cash

Access to cash - don't bank on it [ 0.97 mb]

Cael gafael ar arian - peidiwch â bancio arni [ 1.1 mb] - Welsh version


Our survey responses show access to cash for basic bank account customers is positive but precarious. The decisions by RBS Group and Lloyds TSB and the Bank of Scotland (both part of the Lloyds Banking Group) to restrict access to the LINK network has had an impact and if others follow suit it will cause further difficulties. There should be a level playing field across basic bank accounts with free-to-the customer access to the LINK ATM network.

Given the persistent difficulties for many consumers in accessing a basic banking product at all, and the increasing variation in facilities and functions, the UK should implement the EU Recommendation on access to basic banking, which would see all consumers have access to such an account regardless of financial history or predicament.

Many basic bank account customers rely on being able to use a branch, something which is restricted in a number of ways by some basic bank account providers. The same counter services should be available to all customers, and all basic bank accounts should be accessible via the Post Office network.