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Financial Skills for life past projects

Prudential underpinned our financial capability work through substantial core investment over thirteen years. This helped us to engage with other investors and deliver many projects that have contributed to our shared vision of helping people avoid financial crisis and gain control over their financial situation.

Key partnership with Prudential

With the support of our key partner over 13 years we encouraged and supported all local Citizens Advice in England and Wales to get involved in providing financial education in their local communities.

Financial capability for older people

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) funded a programme of financial capability training for frontline workers who work with older people.

Citi foundation: financial capability training

The Citi Foundation supported Citizens Advice financial capability training courses and workshops for several years, giving hundreds of trainers the opportunity to develop their skills.

Stepping stones towards tackling homelessness - talking about money

Project delivering two resources aimed at providers who support homeless adults, young people, and those on benefits or a low income, to take control of their finances.


The MoneyActive project, funded by Nationwide Building Society, developed financial capability volunteering in local Citizens Advice over three years from 2009-2012, training over 1,700 volunteers to deliver financial capability sessions.

'Quids in'

Findings of a research project evaluating the benefits of financial capability training for social housing tenants.

Santander Foundation local Citizens Advice grants

This was a one off grants fund made available by the Santander Foundation to local Citizens Advice in England and Wales for 2011/12. Grant awards were made to groups of local offices working together to deliver financial capability.

Financial capability and Inclusion

With resources from the European Social Fund, the East of England Development Agency funded financial capability training and job search assistance for out of work adults in the East of England.

Top tips for Christmas

Details of our partnership publication with Barclaycard to help people avoid falling into debt over Christmas.

Now let's talk money

The Now let’s talk money small project fund was supported by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) from 2008-2009. It channelled funding through the regional financial capability forums to support small training projects aimed at frontline workers.

Barclays Money Skills ‘champions’

Between 2011 and 2014 we worked with leading youth organisations to deliver this innovative peer education project increasing the financial awareness of NEET young people.


Barclaycard Horizons ran from 2005 to 2012 and brought together three expert charities to support single parents making the transition out of debt and poverty.

Save Xmas

In 2006, following the collapse of the Farepak Hamper scheme, the Office of Fair Trading launched a public awareness campaign to ensure that low-income consumers were able to make informed decisions around their short-term saving options.