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Citizens Advice Cymru secures future funding for advice services in Wales

2 October 2019

Citizens Advice has been awarded funding by the Welsh Government to provide advice services across Wales from 1 January 2020 for 12 months.

The charity in Wales will receive £8.1 million to provide services across all regions in Wales, as well as a remote advice service. It comes after Welsh Government changed the way they commissioned advice services in Wales, with organisations having to bid to provide the Single Advice Fund.

The commitment of future funding comes as the organisation marks its 80th year with an event at The Senedd on 2 October. Citizens Advice was formed on the onset of World War II on 4 September 1939. It originally helped people deal with the impacts of war, such as rationing and evacuation, and additional support for farming communities.

In the year to 31 August 2019, Citizens Advice Cymru helped over 96,000 people in Wales.
Personal independent payment, Universal Credit and council tax debt were some of the top issues the charity provided advice on.

In July 2019, the national charity also became the first advice organisation in Wales to be accredited to the Information and Advice Quality Framework for Wales (IAQFW). It confirms the quality of advice is consistent across its services.

Rebecca Woolley, Director of Citizens Advice Cymru, said:

“Access to good advice is vital for everyone. We’re really proud to have secured this funding across all regions in Wales, including for a remote service.

“There’s a huge demand for independent and impartial advice as people face challenges in their lives.
Securing this funding is a new opportunity for Citizens Advice to provide services for those who need it most, in a way that works best for them whether in person, online or over the phone.

“The value of this, for both society and individuals, is clear. We’ll now work with government, our network and partners to put this funding into action and provide advice to anyone who needs it, whatever their problem.”


Last year, the Welsh Government chose to change the way they commission advice services in Wales.

Since April 2019, Citizens Advice (England and Wales) has been working with local Citizens Advice and partner organisations across Wales to bid for the ‘Single Advice Fund’ - the new way advice services will be funded in Wales from 1 January 2020.

The fund aims to offer a positive contribution to help meet the ongoing increase in demand for access to advice services.

On 26 September 2019, Citizens Advice was awarded £8.1 million by Welsh Government to work with its partners to provide advice services across Wales for a period of 12 months from 1 January 2020.

For more questions on the Single Advice Fund or IAQFW accreditation, please contact the Welsh Government.

Notes to editors

  1. The Citizens Advice service has been awarded £8.1million to work with its partners to provide advice services across Wales from 1 January 2020.

  2. Citizens Advice will sub-grant funds from the SAF across the network of Local Citizens Advice operating in Wales, as well as the funded partners who bid along with us.

  3. We partnered with over 40 organisations and charities across Wales - putting together the largest network of advice service providers and access partners Citizens Advice Cymru has been a part of in Wales. This will enable Citizens Advice to target people most in need of support.

  4. Citizens Advice Cymru is accredited by the Information and Advice Quality Framework for Wales (IAQFW) a quality standard which is owned by the Welsh Government. Each local Citizens Advice is annually monitored through our Citizens Advice Performance and Quality Framework against requirements such as being well managed, accessible and delivering high quality advice. Our framework is aligned to Welsh Government Future Generations objectives.

  5. Citizens Advice is now proudly the only body funded by the Welsh Government to coordinate the provision of advice services across Wales.

  6. Citizens Advice includes the national charity; the network of independent local Citizens Advice charities across England and Wales; the Citizens Advice consumer service; and the Witness Service.
  7. Citizens Advice is the statutory consumer advocate for energy and post. We provide supplier performance information to consumers and policy analysis to decision makers.
  8. The Citizens Advice Witness Service provides free, independent support for prosecution and defence witnesses in every criminal court in England and Wales.
  9. Citizens Advice offers Pension Wise services at 500 locations in England and Wales.
  10. Citizens Advice’s services are free, independent, confidential and impartial, and available to all regardless of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, age or nationality.
  11. To get advice online or find your local Citizens Advice, visit
  12. For consumer advice, call the Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06 or 03454 04 05 05 to talk in Welsh.
  13. We helped 2.6 million people face to face, by phone, email and webchat in 2017-18. For service statistics see our monthly publication Advice trends.
  14. Citizens Advice staff are supported by over 23,000 trained volunteers, working at over 2,500 locations in England and Wales.