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Check if you're part of a collective redundancy

This advice applies to Scotland

You’re part of a ‘collective redundancy’ if your employer is making 20 or more people redundant. Your employer has to hold a group consultation if there’s a collective redundancy.

Contact your nearest Citizens Advice if your employer is making 20 or more people redundant but doesn’t follow these rules. You might be able to challenge your redundancy.

Who your employer should consult

If there’s a union at work your employer should consult representatives from the union.

If there isn’t a union your employer should consult representatives from their employees. Your representatives could be a group that already exists, such as a staff forum. If a group doesn’t already exist, you should be given a chance to vote for who will represent you.

What the consultation should involve

Your employer should give your representatives written details of:

  • why they’re making redundancies
  • how many people they’re making redundant
  • which areas of the business they’ll choose people from
  • how they’ll choose who to make redundant
  • how they’ll work out redundancy payments
  • what process and timeline they’ll follow

Check with your representatives if they don’t give you all of this information.

When the group consultation should happen

The group consultation must start at least 30 days before anyone’s job ends.

If 100 or more people are being made redundant, group meetings must start at least 45 days before anyone’s job ends.

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