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Money Talk Team

This advice applies to Scotland

If you’re struggling to make your money last or are worried about how you’ll pay your bills, you can get advice from the Money Talk Team to help ensure you are receiving all the money you're entitled to.

What will the Money Talk Team do?

You can get advice from the Money Talk Team over the phone or in person at your local Citizens Advice Bureau. The advisers will check whether you’re getting as much income as you possibly could and find ways that you could pay out less each month.

If you have any money worries, or want to find out if you are missing out on money you're entitled to, the advisers will be able to talk you through your options and help you find the best way forward.

How do I get advice from the Money Talk Team?

It’s really easy to speak to the Money Talk Team– call 0800 085 7145 or you can call or visit your local bureau.

You can also find more information on the Money Talk Team website.

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