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While a debt management plan is in place

This section tells you about the issues that can arise while a debt management plan (DMP) is in place and how you can deal with problems. This includes what to do if you're struggling to afford your DMP payments. You'll also find information on how to cancel your DMP, or change provider.

Struggling to pay your DMP

Tells you what to do if circumstances mean you are struggling to pay the debt management plan, emphasising the need to contact the provider and not ignore the problem.

Creditors still contacting you - DMPs

Explains why creditors may still contact you while a debt management plan is in place and what to do if a creditor is harassing you.

Cancelling your DMP

Reasons why you might want to cancel your debt management plan and things to consider before doing so, including how you will deal with your debts instead and whether you will get a refund of fees.

Changing your provider

Things to think about if you want to switch debt management plan providers, including reasons for switching, the process and problems changing providers may cause.

Debt has increased since DMP

Explains what to do if your overall debt increases even though a debt management plan is in place, including asking for interest to be frozen, increasing payments and considering alternative debt solutions.

Your debt management plan provider has closed

What you should do next if your debt management company closes down.