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Complaints about debt management plans

These pages explain what to do if you need to complain about a DMP provider. They include information on action you can take if you feel your DMP provider has misled you, or is charging fees that are too high.

Complaining about debt management plan providers

How to make a complaint to your debt management plan provider and taking a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you are unhappy with the provider's response.

DMP fees too high?

Action you can take if you think the fees charged for your debt management plan are unfair, including a explanation of what counts as unfair.

Misled by a DMP provider

How to complain about a debt management plan provider if they have misled you in their marketing, advertising or promotion, or made other misleading claims.

Cold called by a DMP provider

How to complain if you are cold-called by a debt management company - uninvited contact by phone, text, email or in person at your door.