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Home credit (Doorstep loans)

This advice applies to Scotland

Reporting a problem to Trading Standards

Trading Standards deal with complex consumer problems and potential criminal activities.

If you want to report a problem to Trading Standards, you should contact the Citizens Advice consumer service, who share information reported to them with Trading Standards.

Home credit, or doorstep loans, is where you borrow money and the lender calls at your home to collect the repayments. The loans are usually for smaller amounts and you will be charged a high rate of interest for borrowing in this way.

Checking a lender is authorised

The law says that home credit lenders have to be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Agents of home credit lenders do not need their own FCA authorisation but can come under the authorisation of the lender that they represent.

You can find out whether a home credit lender is authorised by checking the Register on the FCA website at

If someone offers to lend you money on the doorstep, it's a good idea to ask to see their or their lender’s authorisation. If they don’t have one, they are operating illegally and you should avoid borrowing from them.

For more about illegal lending, see Loan sharks.

Complaining about home credit

Many home credit lenders belong to the Consumer Credit Association (CCA) and follow the CCA Code of Practice. If you have a problem with a CCA member, you can complain to the CCA. You can get more information about the Consumer Credit Association and its code of practice on the CCA website at

It is a criminal offence for a lender to call at your home to offer to lend you money unless the visit is made in response to a written and signed request. If an agreement is not properly made, the lender may not be able to force you to repay the money.

If a complaint about a home credit lender cannot be resolved with the lender or by the Consumer Credit Association, the compliant can be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service

Comparing home credit loans

You can compare home credit loans on Lenders Compared, an independent comparison website at

Trading cheques and vouchers

Doorstep lenders may also offer trading cheques and vouchers. These can be exchanged for goods, usually clothing and soft furnishings and usually at specific shops. You repay the amount to a company agent who normally calls at your home. Interest rates are often high for this type of credit.

Further help and information

The Money Advice Service

The Money Advice Service website has lots of useful information about borrowing and managing your money.

Consumer Credit Association (CCA)

FCA authorisation register

Lenders Compared

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