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Complaints about water and sewerage services

This advice applies to Scotland

This information applies to Scotland only.

Domestic customers served by Scottish Water

Most water and sewerage services for domestic households are provided and maintained by Scottish Water. You may receive the services through the public water supply or sewerage network. At least 3% of domestic households have a private water supply and some also have a septic tank. These services aren't provided by Scottish Water.

Complaints about public water and sewerage charges

If your home is connected to the public water supply and you don't have a water meter, you'll pay for your water and sewerage with your council tax, and your local authority will pass the charge on to Scottish Water. If you want to complain about the water and sewerage charges on your council tax bill, you need to contact your local authority.

Complaint process for public water or sewerage services

If you want to complain about water or sewerage services from Scottish Water, you can take three steps:

Step 1: Phone the Scottish Water customer helpline

The number is 0800 077 8778. Scottish Water will try to resolve the problem over the phone with you, but you may need to write to the Services Review Team. Remember to include copies of relevant paper work.

Step 2: Write to the Services Review Team

The address is:

Scottish Water
PO Box 8855
EH10 6YQ

You might like to use our guidance about writing letters [ 260 kb].

Under Scottish Water’s code of practice you should receive a written response to any complaint within 10 working days. If there are going to be further investigations, Scottish Water will let you know this.

Step 3: Contact the ombudsman

If you're still not happy after contacting Scottish Water because of what they're proposing to do to solve your problem, you can contact the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO). This is a free, independent and confidential service. The SPSO can look into how Scottish Water has handled your complaint. It can’t look into problems from over 12 months ago or a problem you've taken legal action about.

You might like to use our guidance about writing letters [ 260 kb].

Your rights

The Scottish Water website has comprehensive information about its services and standards for consumers. You can read more about your rights on the Scottish Water website.

Domestic customers served by a private contractor

When you've used a private contractor for water or sewerage services, for example to desludge your septic tank or clear a blocked drain, you should have a contract with it for these services. The contract may be on paper or a verbal agreement.

Under consumer law, you have contractual protection for the service you received.

Non-domestic customers

Water and sewerage services for non-domestic services are provided by companies like Business Stream. If you're a non-domestic customer, like a business, and you've raised a formal complaint with your water and sewerage provider and remain dissatisfied with how your complaint has been handled, you can complain to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.

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