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Problems with goods - letter before court action

This advice applies to England


You can use this letter to warn a trader that you're thinking of taking court action to sort out a problem with faulty goods.

If a trader has not responded to any of your previous letters of complaint or has stopped responding to your complaint, your next step might be to take court action.

Going to court is the last resort and you should always try to find another way of reaching an agreement first.

You and the trader both have to do specific things to try and resolve the issue before it goes to court. These are set out in guidance known as the 'Practice Direction on pre-action conduct and protocols'. You can read the Practice Direction on the Ministry of Justice website.

If you do go to court and win, you might get more compensation if the trader didn’t follow this Practice Direction.

For more information about when to send a letter before court action, see Step one: Write a letter before action.

This template is for guidance and might not suit your specific situation. If you need more detailed advice and guidance, contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline.

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