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Complaining about the NHS

You may have several options to make a complaint about health services. One option is to use the complaints procedure, or you may be able to report your concerns to a different organisation, for example, an Ombudsman or the regulatory body of the professional involved. In serious cases, you might want advice about taking legal action.

Where to start

Overview of dealing with NHS and social services problems, covering the types of service you can complain about and the types of action you can take.

Deciding whether to complain

Things to think about to help you decide whether it is worth making a complaint about your experience of health services, covering whether outcomes are acheivable, time limits and cost.

Deciding what outcomes you want to achieve

Lists the possible outcomes you might want to achieve, to help you decide whether to make a complaint about NHS services.

Your rights under the NHS constitution

Summary of the legal rights and pledges set out in the NHS Constitution, and what to do if the standard of health or adult care you recieve doesn't meet the promised standards.