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How bankruptcy affects you

This section will help you work out whether going bankrupt is the right way of dealing with your debts. It covers the impact bankruptcy might have on all aspects of your lifestyle, including whether you might lose your home or your job.

Check how bankruptcy affects your home

Find out if you can stay in your home after you go bankrupt.

Check how bankruptcy affects your belongings

Find out what you can keep when you’re bankrupt.

Check how bankruptcy affects your money and bills

Find out what happens to your bank account when you’re bankrupt, how your bills might change and if you can keep money like your savings or pension.

Check how bankruptcy affects your job

Find out how bankruptcy affects your job, and what work you can do after going bankrupt.

Paying towards your debts after you go bankrupt

Find out what living costs you can keep paying for after you go bankrupt, and if you need to pay anything towards your debts.

Check which debts bankruptcy covers

Find out which debts are cancelled when you go bankrupt, and what you’ll still have to pay.