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Setting up an administration order

These pages tell you how to get an administration order set up. They cover information about how to apply and give details about how the court manages the administration order over time.

Preparing your paperwork - admin order

Explains the paperwork relating to your debts and evidence of your financial circumstances that you need to gather, before applying to court for an administration order.

Applying for an administration order

Tells you the form to use to apply for an administration order, what paperwork you need to give to the court and how joint debts are treated.

How an admin order is set up

Sets out the steps a court goes through in setting up an administration order.

How an admin order is managed over time

Explains how an administration order is managed, including how payments work, reviews and what happens when the order ends.

Court hearing - admin order

Explains why you might have to attend a court hearing in the process of applying for an application order and what happens at the hearing.

Creditor objects to admin order

Explains what happens if one of your creditors objects to the administration order and what to do if creditors are still chasing you, while the order is being set up.

Court turns down application for admin order

Tells you what to do if your administration order application is refused.