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Work policy research

Citizens Advice helps thousands of people with employment issues each year. Millions more access our employment advice online. We therefore have a detailed understanding of how the labour market is changing and the consequences for other aspects of workers’ lives.

Second choice jobs

30 Mawrth 2015

Since 2008 more people are in temporary work, work multiple jobs or have zero hour contracts. This new research with local Citizens Advice staff, volunteers and clients finds that people are paying the price for second choice jobs in eight ways.

Fairer fees

5 Ionawr 2015

New evidence reveals just under half of people with an employment issue would have to save for six months to afford tribunal fees of £1,200.

Unreasonable demands?

9 Rhagfyr 2009

Threatened civil recovery against those accused of shoplifting or employee theft

Justice denied

13 Hydref 2008

Citizens Advice briefing on the deliberate non-payment of Employment Tribunal awards by rogue employers.

Home from home?

1 Chwefror 2006

CItizens Advice evidence briefing on issues faced by rural migrant workers.

Still wish you were here

27 Ionawr 2022

continuing non-compliance with the paid holiday provisions of the Working Time Regulations 1998

Empty justice

27 Ionawr 2022

The non-payment of employment tribunal awards

Nowhere to turn

27 Ionawr 2022

Nowhere to turn- CAB evidence on the exploitation of migrant workers