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Welfare policy research

Welfare and benefits forms the largest area of advice we deliver at Citizens Advice. This gives us some of the clearest insights into the way in which the system works and the challenges it poses.

Our research is focused on using our data and expertise to make the case for a system which is more responsive to the needs and circumstances of its users. This includes helping policymakers understand the impact of changes, working for better service design and highlighting the importance of robust advice and support.

Find out about all our welfare policy work.

Universal Credit and debt

11 Medi 2017

Our evidence shows that the roll out of universal credit has an adverse impact on debt problems. DWP should pause roll out to fix the problems we have identified. Our analysis shows Universal Credit is pushing people further into debt. The Government needs to pause Universal Credit roll-out and fix the problems now.

Fixing Universal Credit

6 Gorffennaf 2017

A report on the implementation of Universal Credit and the issues Citizens Advice is seeing so far.

Responsive welfare

28 Ionawr 2015

There are debates and opinions about the right approach to welfare reform. But we see more of the successes, failures and human impacts of the welfare system than any other organisation.

Banking Benefits

27 Ionawr 2022

Citizens Advice evidence of payment of benefits into bank accounts

Pop goes the payslip

2 Ebrill 2014

At a time when living standards are stagnating, housing costs are rising and the jobs market is unpredictable the tax and benefits system must provide certainty and stability. Universal credit was designed to do this.The Government’s promise to make people better off for each hour they work is in danger of being broken.

Rebalancing universal credit: Making it work for disabled people

11 Medi 2014

This report focuses on support for disabled people under universal credit. Whilst we support the principles of universal credit, our analysis shows two important types of problems that will particularly affect disabled people; one relating to work incentives, the other concerning out of work support

Limited capability

7 Rhagfyr 2009

CAB evidence on the first year of employment and support allowance administration

Not working

23 Mawrth 2010

CAB evidence on ESA work capability assessment