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Post policy research

Trends in the Postal Services Market

18 Mai 2018

Expansion and competition in the postal sector has brought many benefits for consumers, but there are still improvements to be made. This report brings together our recent work, highlighting our current priorities and recommendations for market improvements.

Rural Post Office Use

20 Tachwedd 2017

Research into how rural consumers and small businesses use post offices, including comparisons with urban areas, and a look at how this has changed over time.

Consumer use of post offices

14 Gorffennaf 2017

This report is a comprehensive review of how consumers use post offices today, based on telephone interviews with 2,000 consumers and 1,000 small businesses.

Access all areas?

14 Gorffennaf 2017

Research on the physical impact of the Post Office Network Transformation Programme, modelling the expected shape of the network by April 2018.

Using the post to access benefits

13 Gorffennaf 2017

This policy note looks at the use of post to access benefits, asking which services people use and investigating the impact of problems, when they arise

The state of the post office network

30 Mehefin 2017

A review of service standards across the majority of the post office network as it reaches the end of the biggest period of change in its history.

Post Office Local Review

2 Chwefror 2017

A review of the new Post Office Local model, comparing performance to previous years and to traditional post offices.

Transformation Health Check

5 Ionawr 2017

Post office operators’ views on impact of major post office changes on customers - including customer experience, opening hours, quality of service, the future.

The future of consumer needs for postal services

11 Awst 2016

Quantitative and qualitative study of British consumers to assess current and future needs and role for postal services, in light of changing market and regulatory environment.

Fixing the foundations

22 Medi 2015

Our new research finds problems with staff knowledge, reliability and consistency in ‘new style’ post offices, being rolled out to over 5,000 communities by 2018

Review of the impact of competition in the postal market on consumers

13 Gorffennaf 2015

Over recent years, following an extensive programme of postal reform in the EU, national postal operators, called universal service providers (USPs) have been corporatised and, in some cases, fully or partly privatised. This report reviews the impact this has had on consumers