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Consumer switching: Proposals to reform switching of mobile communication services

3 Mehefin 2016

Rates of switching in consumer markets, including mobile, remain stubbornly low. People lead busy lives and overly complex, time consuming switching processes can be a key driver of disengagement. As the Government recently acknowledged in their action plan for improving switching processes, gaining provider led mechanisms are a key feature of efficient, consumer friendly switching processes. A  majority of essential markets, including broadband, have already moved to gaining provider led switching processes. In this respect, the mobile phone market has fallen behind comparable markets and reform is urgently required. This consultation is the latest installment of a lengthy process - the first call for inputs on the topic was issued nearly two years ago. We hope Ofcom can now swiftly move forward to implement a full gaining provider led mobile switching process.

We have limited our response [ 250 kb] to areas which best align with our expertise and evidence base.