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Citizenship policy research

Citizens Advice regularly publishes policy research on issues affecting clients of our service. We use this evidence to campaign for changes in policies and services.

Many of the discrimination problems dealt with by local Citizens Advice are work related. We also cover equality issues in areas such as welfare, housing and consumer.

Changes in immigration and asylum legislation have caused difficulties for our clients as well.

Citizens Advice also regularly responds to consultations on citizenship issues using examples of CAB clients' problems.

Double disadvantage

30 Mehefin 2011

Double disadvantage. The barriers and business practices making debt a problem for disabled people

Access for all

8 Mawrth 2011

Access for all: The importance of inclusive services

Supporting justice

16 Mehefin 2009

Supporting justice: the case for publicly-funded legal representation before the Asylum Support Tribunal

Shaming destitution

28 Mehefin 2006

Citizens Advice evidence report on immigration and asylum issue.

Racist Incidents Monitoring

1 Mawrth 2005

This report outlines the involvement of the Citizens Advice service in England and Wales in reporting and recording racist incidents

Consultation responses

12 Rhagfyr 2004

Citizens Advice consultation responses on citizenship issues, including equality, discrimination, immigration and asylum.