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Big Energy Saving Network and Big Energy Saving Week 2019/20

Big Energy Saving Network (BESN) and Big Energy Saving Week (BESW) 2020/21

BESN in 2020/21

BESN is a community outreach project targetting vulnerable energy consumers. It is delivered by Energy Champions in organisations across England and Wales. It aims to help people with their energy bills by encouraging them to take actions, including: switching, signing up for WHD, signing up for the PSR and taking measures to make their homes more energy efficient.

In addition to this, a network of 20 Regional Leads offer training to frontline workers, and support to Energy Champions. This role should equal 0.6 FTE per Regional Lead for the duration of the BESN project.

As a result of COVID-19 there will be some changes to the delivery of both projects in 2020/21, we are currently working on this. However, we do not expect the role profiles, or overall project objectives to vary too significantly from last year, we we suggest reading through last year's role profiles if you would like further information.

BESN will begin on 14 September 2020.

Role Profiles

BESN evaluation 2018/19

Delivery Materials

Consumer Booklet and Resources

Champion guide and handouts



All Champions must complete the short eLearning module found below:


For Champions:

For Regional Leads

Case Studies

Each Champion must submit two case studies before the end of the 2019/20. Case study templates will be available shortly

If you have any queries please email: