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Setting up an individual voluntary arrangement

These pages tell you how to get an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) set up. They cover information about how to find an insolvency practitioner (IP) and give details about how the IP works with you and your creditors to get the IVA proposal set up and agreed.

Choosing an IVA provider

How to find an individual voluntary arrangement provider, covering fees and costs and deciding whether to use a debt management company.

Preparing for your appointment with the insolvency practitioner

How to prepare for meeting your individual voluntary arrangement provider, including putting together a budget and the type of paperwork you will need to take.

How an IVA is set up

Describes the steps involved in the process of setting up an individual voluntary arrangement.

Creditors and the IVA proposal

Describes how creditors meet to discuss and vote on whether your individual voluntary arrangement should be accepted and whether they can challenge the proposal.

The IVA Protocol

Find out about the IVA Protocol - a voluntary agreement that sets a clear, fair way to deal with individual voluntary arrangements to sort out debt.