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Check who's taken over your energy supply

This advice applies to England

You might get a new energy supplier if your current supplier:

  • goes out of business

  • is bought by another energy company

  • changes their name

You’ll still have gas and electricity if this happens.

You’ll normally be told when your account is being moved to a new supplier.

If your current supplier goes bust, you might have to wait a few weeks to find out who your new supplier is. They will contact you to tell you they've taken over your energy supply. You can read our advice about what to do if your energy supplier goes bust.

If your supplier is being sold or changing their name, they’ll contact you to tell you:

  • the name of your new supplier

  • when your account will be moved to the new supplier

These are the suppliers that have been taken over since January 2019, and the month they announced the change.

Old supplierNew supplierDate
Green Not announced yet September 2021
Avro Energy Octopus Energy September 2021
People's Energy British Gas September 2021
Utility Point EDF September 2021
MoneyPlus Energy British Gas September 2021
PFP Energy British Gas September 2021
HUB Energy E.On Next August 2021
Simplicity Energy British Gas February 2021

Green Network Energy

EDF February 2021
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