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Delivering income security in the modern economy

14 June 2017

In October 2016, The Prime Minister commissioned Matthew Taylor to lead a review of 'employment practices in the modern economy'.

Employment problems are the 4th biggest issue affecting Citizens Advice clients. Last year, we advised 200,000 people on 350,000 issues related to people’s working experiences. This, together with our extensive labour market research over the last 2 to 3 years, provides us with a unique insight into problems at work and allows us to spot new areas of detriment.

Based on that work, this submission [ 240 kb] sets out the changes Citizens Advice wants to see that will help improve the quality of the work in the UK. We recommend that the Taylor Review on modern employment practices should build its approach to improving the quality of work around three principles:

  1. The types of employment and people’s rights at work should be clear and transparent

  2. The system of employment rights and protections should be accessible and  responsive, ensuring rights adapt to changing labour market practices

  3. A broad and long term commitment by government and employers is needed to create stable and decent jobs.