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Energy consultation responses

DECC consutation on capacity market supplementary design proposals

14 April 2015

The issues raised in this consultation highlight the risk of imposing competitive disadvantages on sources which could potentially be beneficial for consumers, including demand-side response and interconnection. It is welcome that DECC continues to seek solutions that would enable these technology types to participate in a way that appropriately rewards their benefits

Third party financing of renewable heat

20 March 2015

Financial support for renewable heating systems under the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme has been a welcome step to ensure households can access such new types of heating, especially in rural areas where many are reliant on expensive oil or solid fuel heating systems.

Response to CMA updated statement of issues

30 March 2015

The Competition and Markets Authority is conducting an enquiry into the energy industry. This submission provides our response to the Competition And Markets Authority consultation on its updated issues statement published on 18 February.

Network RIG and environmental report guidance

20 March 2015

Clear and effective reporting by networks of all sectors is vital to the improved transparency, accountability and engagement that are meant to be part of the RIIO model.

White labels final proposals

20 March 2015

Citizens Advice agrees that white labels have the ability to deliver consumer benefits, choice and engagement with the market. However, increased transparency about the relationship between white labels and their partner suppliers is also essential.

Ofgem Simplification Plan 2015-16 response

17 March 2015

Ofgem's Simplification Plan is part of its planning and delivery of its corporate strategy and workplan. This response accompanies our response to the Ofgem workplan for 2015-6.

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon proposal

16 February 2015

Citizens Advice response on proposals to build a tidal lagoon at Swansea Bay with support from the Contract for Difference arrangements for low carbon generation