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Now let's talk money

The now let’s talk money small project fund was supported by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) from 2008-2009. It channelled funding through the regional financial capability forums to support small training projects aimed at frontline workers. It also generated good practice training materials that were used to deliver sessions.

Fourteen forums were involved, providing financial capability training to 1,658 frontline workers across England and Wales – well above the target of 1,250.

Now let's talk money in Dudley

“I have been involved in the Now Let’s Talk Money introduction to financial capability training for frontline workers, which went very well. I decided to use the same materials to do sessions for housing staff and in the first six months of next year it looks likely that I will deliver this training to over 80 employees within Dudley’s housing services. The number of people this may benefit within Dudley Borough is significant – the 50 estate officers alone are each responsible for 500 households within the borough.” 

West Midlands Forum member



The project report showed that 54 organisations delivered the training, most of which were local Citizens Advice. However, other forum members also delivered sessions, including independent advice agencies, credit unions and community banking organisations, and housing associations.

Over 300 different voluntary and statutory organisations (and one bank) benefited from the training that was delivered to their staff and volunteers.

Feedback from participants suggests that over 46,000 end users benefited from the project. 

Sessions were also very positively received. For example:

  • 99% of trainees were very satisfied (76%) or satisfied (23%) with the courses
  • 80% said their knowledge and their confidence had increased a great deal or quite a lot
  • 68% said they would use what they had learned a great deal or quite a lot, with a further 30% saying they would use it ‘to some extent’.

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