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Supporting lone parents

Barclaycard Horizons ran from 2005 to 2012 and aimed to support single parents making the transition out of debt and poverty, to enable them to make the most of their family lives.

Funded by Barclaycard, the programme brought together three expert charities to support single parents with three key areas; money, employment and education.

The charity Gingerbread provided parents with practical advice and support on all aspects of entering or returning to employment.

Family Action provided parents with grants to help them with further education. The grants covered everything from childcare to books and equipment needed to fulfil their chosen course.

Citizens Advice helped parents with their money issues. We delivered debt advice to single parents, and also provided financial capability training to give them the skills and confidence to make informed decisions when it came to money. To support more single parents, we also provided financial capability training to frontline workers from other organisations. This enabled those workers to feel more confident in supporting their single parent clients with money matters.

During the life of the programme we:

  • provided 32,600 single parents with debt advice and/or financial capability training
  • provided 10,000 frontline workers with financial capability training, who in turn supported an estimated 150,000 single parents.

Making ends meet on a low wage

Horizons bannerKaren had been working for six months when she took part in the ‘Dealing with Debt’ course run by Toxteth Citizens Advice. She was happy to be working, but was struggling to keep on top of her commitments.

The course equipped her with the skills and knowledge to draw up a financial statement and negotiate with her creditors. She put this into action and was able to get many of her debts written off or reduced. She also applied for a grant to pay for a computer for her disabled child.

Altogether Karen is now £200 a month better off and says that she is happy to carry on working now that she is able to keep on top of her bills.