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Consumer Education resource topics

Consumer education resource topics 

Under each topic heading you will find basic fact sheets, resource packs which contain tutor notes and participant handouts.  

Doorstep Crime


What is doorstep crime? [ 70 kb]

What is distraction burglary? [ 69 kb]

Steps to take to reduce doorstep crime [ 72 kb]

Tips for avoiding becoming a victim of doorstep crime [ 68 kb]

How to report doorstep crime [ 65 kb]

Resource Packs

Basic Reducing the risk of doorstep crime [ 390 kb] - How to recognise rogue traders or bogus callers and who can help

Basic pack handouts [ 230 kb]

Video resources

The video clips provide information to raise awareness and how to get help. London Trading Standards have produced and shared the videos (although produced by London TS they are suitable for different geographical areas.)  

Rogue traders and doorstep crime


Poster resources

The posters have been produced by the Consumer Empowerment Alliance (Citizens Advice is a stakeholder.) They are available in English and Welsh.

Clive's drive [ 360 kb]

Clive's drive (Welsh) [ 390 kb]

Online Marketplaces 

Fact sheets

What is an online market place [ 92 kb]

Shopping rights on an online marketplace [ 95 kb]

Recognising scams in online marketplaces [ 94 kb] 

Dealing with online marketplace disputes [ 94 kb]

Resource packs

Basic Online Marketplace trainer pack [ 420 kb] - Understanding how online marketplaces operate and what you need to know to make an informed choice. This pack has been produced for National Consumer Week.

Basic online marketplace handout [ 70 kb]


Fact sheets

If something is advertised at the wrong price [ 94 kb]

If a company stops trading or goes out of business [ 52 kb]

Cancelling something bought on hire purchase [ 51 kb]

Cancelling a service you have arranged [ 94 kb]

Changing your mind about something you have bought [ 52 kb]

Claim compensation if an item or product causes damage [ 93 kb]

Claim using a warranty or guarantee  [ 92 kb]

If you think you have bought fake or stolen items [ 96 kb]

Gym memberships and cancellations [ 94 kb]

If something you've ordered hasn't arrived [ 96 kb]

Pressured or misled into buying something you didn’t want  [ 96 kb]

Returning faulty goods  [ 94 kb]

If you’re not happy with a service  [ 96 kb]

How to Citizens Advice template letters when dealing with a consumer problem [ 92 kb]

Resource packs

Basic Contracts trainer pack [ 300 kb] - Raising awareness of different consumer contracts and what you should know before signing up

Basic Contracts handout [ 63 kb]

Advanced contracts trainer pack [ 360 kb] - Understanding different types of contracts and what is involved when signing up to a consumer contract.

Advanced contacts handout [ 88 kb]


Fact sheets

Buying a car [ 92 kb]

Buying a used car [ 97 kb]

Car Clubs [ 60 kb]

Getting help from a motor trade [ 60 kb]

Hiring a car [ 51 kb]

Problem with a repair [ 92 kb]

Resource packs

Basic Cars trainer pack - Buying a car [ 290 kb]

Raising awareness of finding out information about the car and its costs before you buy

Basic Cars pack handout [ 95 kb]

Advanced trainer Cars pack - Dealing with car traders [ 360 kb]

Understanding car terminology, how to find an approved trader and how to deal with problems that may occur

Advanced Cars handout [ 89 kb]