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Consumer Education support resources

The materials in this section have been produced by local Citizens Advice or external consumer organisations that Citizens Advice work in partnership with. 

Consumer Empowerment Partnerships

The resources in this section have been created by local Citizens Advice, who have taken on CEP projects.  The projects have a key consumer focus with the toolkits and leaflets being produced to help other local Citizens Advice or others working in consumer advice, education or protection.

How to do local research [ 250 kb]

Phone scams toolkit [ 2.6 mb]

Secondary ticketing toolkit [ 0.72 mb]

Empowering people and protecting rights [ 1.6 mb]

Building partnerships [ 470 kb]

Consumer Empowerment Alliance

The Consumer Empowerment Alliance is a national membership organisation for those working in consumer advice, education and protection.  The CEA deliver training and has produced a number of consumer education posters to raise awareness of key consumer issues.  A few examples are here, for more information about the CEA contact 

Look after Mabel, Check the Label - (Halloween) Costume safety [ 180 kb]

Don't let your gran get scammed - Protecting older people from scams [ 170 kb]

Pat's Flat  - Things to consider when renting a flat [ 160 kb]

Be smart like Daisy.... - Ticketing scams [ 110 kb]

Pass the parcel

Arranging deliveries for online shopping


Pass the Parcel is an interactive game created by Campaigns and advocacy Wales for consumers in England and Wales.

Play the game to test or improve consumer awareness when arranging for goods to be delivered through the post.

Further guidance for advisers or teachers is provided here [ 95 kb]