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Consumer Education campaign materials

Consumer campaign materials

Consumer education materials are created for national campaigns including National Consumer Week and Scams Awareness Month.   The resources are used during these times but are useful and available to use all year round.

Online Subscriptions

Know what you are signing up to.

The resource pack is designed to raise awareness of online subscriptions and subscription traps consumers can get caught in  [ 0.58 mb]

Mobile Phone toolkit

Dialling down debt 

This toolkit is designed to help advisers provide activities and information to clients that are considering entering into – or have already entered into – a mobile phone contract. The toolkit contains both consumer and financial capability activities. [ 1.6 mb]

Christmas Postal Services

The resource pack includes top tips for Christmas shopping and ensuring your post arrives on time. There are activities for each top tip, these include financial capability and consumer rights [ 330 kb]

Electrical Product Safety

Be switched on to your rights and product safety

Activities have been produced based on research into some of the key consumer issues or problems people face when buying electrical goods and resolving problems.  The education resources have been produced to raise awareness of consumer rights and product safety when buying electrical goods. [ 0.56 mb]


The resources are designed as discussion tools in order to get people talking about different scams

Employment scams [ 71 kb]

Online scams [ 57 kb]

Pension scams [ 58 kb]

Employment scams resource pack

The resource pack can be used for any age group looking for work. We would encourage teachers/ tutors/ advisers to raise awareness of employment scams and how to report them. [ 0.56 mb]