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Financial capability training resources copyright and terms and conditions of use

The resources are provided free of charge but are subject to copyright: either Citizens Advice, third party or Crown copyright as indicated on individual resources.

The Citizens Advice or Crown copyright resources (excluding the logos of Citizens Advice, Citizens Advice Bureau and Prudential) may be re-used free of charge for educational purposes in any format or medium providing they are re-used accurately and not in a misleading context. The Citizens Advice name and logo can be used by members of Citizens Advice. The resources must be acknowledged as Citizens Advice or Crown copyright as appropriate and the title of the resource specified. Where any third party copyright is indicated you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned.

Crown copyright resources may be adapted, edited or exploited as long as the terms of the Open Government Licence are complied with. Such use of Citizens Advice copyright resources should comply with terms equivalent to those in that licence.

The above permissions are the permissions required by the general copyright statement.