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Our campaigns

Citizens Advice helped 2.7 million people last year. There were also 43 million visits to our online advice pages.

We use this unparalleled evidence from the people we help to try and fix the underlying causes of people's problems.

We’re also the statutory consumer watchdog for the energy and post industries, meaning we advocate on behalf of consumers in these markets.

Bailiff reform

Citizens Advice is calling for the bailiff industry to be independently regulated.

Universal Credit

We want the government to change the way Universal Credit is delivered so it helps the people who need it.

Loyalty Penalty

We’re calling on the Competition and Markets Authority to tackle the loyalty penalty in essential markets and protect people from being ripped off.

Smart meters

We’re calling on the government to extend the smart meter rollout to 2023, and provide updated information on cost.

Council Tax protocol

Council tax arrears is now the largest debt issue seen by local Citizens Advice. That’s why we’re encouraging councils to sign up to the Council Tax Protocol.

Scams Awareness campaign

Find out about the Scams Awareness campaign. We're working with partners to give people the skills and confidence to spot scams and take action.

All current campaigns

Find out about all the issues we're working on.

Campaign successes

Find out what successes we've had in the past.

Briefings for Parliamentarians

Get information on bills and debates, and find out how working with us can help your constituents.