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Financial capability resource library

The financial capability resource library has been developed to meet the changing needs of the service, whilst also building on the strengths of our experience and established expertise. Our design principles ensure that everything in this library is clear, practical and realistic, to provide the best possible support for our network and clients.

Increasingly financial capability is being integrated into the advice we give and this has shown an increasing need for smaller 'bite-sized' activities that can fit into existing advice provision.

  • In the topics section, you will find over 150 resources. These are arranged into bite-size activities allowing you to pull together tailor-made sessions very quickly. If you want to use more traditional sessions, over two dozen recommended packs are also included.
  • In the support section you will find online interactive materials and presentations that can be used when introducing new models, materials and approaches.
  • In the digital money coaching section, we have provided the full suite of award-winning resources developed as part of our 'digital money coach' role, as well as presentations and guidance on the core principles of this approach.
  • The welsh resources tab contains translations of the most essential financial capability activities and toolkits of our overall resource offer.
  • The Life Event Interventions section is a substantial suite of short resources and activities that can support advisers when providing targeted financial capability to clients who are experiencing a change in their life circumstances.

Further information about our range of tailored training days to support advisers when delivering financial capability can be found on CABlink.

Our training suite is also available to external organisations, at a cost of £195 (incl VAT) per person. These can be provided in-house, or external advisers are welcome to join our advisers on our current national training days (these are delivered regularly across our five regional offices in England and Wales). More information for external organisations can be found here [PowerPoint 1.2 mb]

We use a collaborative approach to evolve and expand these resources based on feedback from users - if you have any resource or training queries, please email

Resource topics

Financial capability session packs and bite-size activities arranged by topic.

Digital money coaching

Session packs and bite-size activities to support clients to embed financially capable habits and behaviours whilst improving their digital capability and computer skills.

Welsh resources

Welsh translations of our core activities most essential to delivering financial capability.

Life event interventions

Resources to provide targeted financial capability guidance to clients experiencing a change in employment status, health or personal relationship.