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Invitation to tender for consultancy work in Greater London

Position: Invitation to Tender - Project Feasibility Consultancy Work Greater London

Location: Greater London

Closing date: 15 November 2019

Role details

Invitation to Tender - Project Feasibility Consultancy Work Greater London

Introduction and Invitation to Tender

There are 28 local Citizens Advice (LCA) organisations working across London. Each provide highly professional services/support in their respective geographical areas. Each is an independent charitable organisation and a member of the national Citizens Advice network.

The principle of investigating the potential of enhanced pan-London working was recommended at a recent meeting of the London Citizens Advice Chairs and CEOs .     

We are now looking to appoint an independent consultant to lead on the feasibility project.  This tender sets out the specification.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of this project is to examine the range of options available and produce proposals for discussion and evaluation initially for the Working Group, but ultimately for all 28 London LCA Boards.  

In considering proposals, the consultant needs to prioritise the following strategic aims:   

  • To ensure the London Citizens Advice voice is heard and has a seat at the table for pan-London policy and service discussions.  

  • To influence commissioners and key funders in terms of London-wide developments, including research and campaigns at pan-London level.  

  • To respond to and apply for pan-London advice funding opportunities

  • To facilitate potential pan-London business development and joint working, potential examples suggested included recruitment, training and HR support.   

Suggested work areas include:

  • Researching the current situation pan-London in Citizens Advice

  • Researching models of joint working (both formal and informal)

  • Draft and present a preliminary report on outcomes from the research to the Working Group

  • Finalise the report incorporating recommendations on the most effective structures and analysis of costs for joint working in London.  

At a minimum the desired outcomes include:

  • A number of options, together with a high level management of change programme of the process to get from current working model to final situation for each option. The management of change process will provide timescales and deliverable stages as appropriate.

  • A set of criteria to evaluate the options to be used by Trustee Boards to give an objective assessment of the best way forward.   

Contract Management and Contract Requirements 

The Working Group will monitor the successful delivery of the contract. 

The contractor will be required to:

  •   Produce and agree a delivery plan;
  •   Provide an interim project update  on the agreed delivery plan to the Working         Group; 
  •  Deliver activity in a way which will achieve value for money.

Contract Budget

The budget for this contract is maximum of £10,000 inclusive of VAT and inclusive of all expenses.

Contract term

The contract will commence from 1 Jan 2020 and will run to 31 March 2020

Payment Arrangements

We are committed to prompt payment and will pay the Contractor within 30 days of the receipt of a valid invoice, provided the Working Group is satisfied that the services for which the invoice relates, have been performed fully in accordance with the contract.  The schedule of payment will be in two instalments with the final payable on production of the final report. 

Tender Submissions

Tenderers should provide details within their tender proposals of: 

a) Your approach to delivering this work; 

b) Proposed timetable of work; 

c) Price;

d) Professional Indemnity Insurance details 

e) CVs of all those named in the tender; 

f) Full details of your organisation; 

g) Details of how the tenderer proposes to work alongside, and develop a strong working relationship with the Working Group 

h) Potential risks to delivery of the project and how the tenderers propose to address these risks e.g. conflicts of interest; 

i) VAT registration, if relevant, must be identified

j) name and contact details for 2 referees for a relevant/similar contract.


All queries in connection with this tender should be made to Eddie Collins at

Tender Return

Your completed Tender documents should be submitted via email to no later than 5pm on 15th November 2019.

Successful candidates will be invited to interview on 27th November 2019.

Every local Citizens Advice is a registered charity. Different application procedures are adopted by individual local Citizens Advice. Contact the relevant one as outlined in the information about this role. You should not send an application form to national Citizens Advice.

All local Citizens Advice produce their own annual report, but you can find out more about the Citizens Advice network or download the latest national Citizens Advice annual report.